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David Skinner Swing Trio

David Arthur Skinner - piano
Stig Hvalryg - double bass
Marcus Lewin - drumkit

The trio recorded their first album in 2023!
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"Lopsk" - by David Skinner (up swing)

"Midnight Mooch" - by David Skinner (medium swing)

"Gee Baby, ain't I good to you" by Don Redman (blues)

David Skinner Swing Trio, featuring three of the best-known and most experienced jazz musicians in the Oslo scene, plays mainstream and swing jazz, with humour, virtuosity, playfulness and spontaneity. The trio often works for swing dancers, as well as jazz clubs. Both hard-swinging and subtle, the band is popular both among jazz aficionados, dancers and the general public.

Here are some tunes recorded live at a concert near Oslo (Grisehuset, Brønnøya) in April 2023.