About David Skinner

I'm a jazz pianist living in Oslo, Norway. I am one of the busiest freelancers in the country, and specialise in swing jazz and stride piano. I've been a professional jazz musician since 2001.

I often work as a bandleader, and I've organised music for all occasions, from solo to large ensembles; jazz clubs, festivals, dance events, corporate events, shows, house parties, funerals, weddings, etc. I run my own monthly swingjazz night in Oslo, Café Society.

In Oslo I've played pretty much everywhere with almost everybody; many jazz clubs and jazz festivals all over Norway; several tours in Japan (around 50 concerts in the course of 6 visits), and various concerts in many countries in Europe.

I work regularly with swing-related dance, in styles such as Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Charleston and Tap. My swing band is called Jazzombies, and features some of the best swing musicians in Norway. I've often organised live music for Norwegian swing dance festivals, such as Winter Jump and Scandinavian Shuffle, especially in collaboration with Bårdar Swing Club.

I have a part-time position at the Norwegian Academy of Music as a University Lecturer. I have held workshops and masterclasses at several other universities in Norway, including Barrett Due, University of Tromsø, and University of Stavanger. I've also been a visiting lecturer at the State Conservatory of Music in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I'm interested in music theory, and I have written about things like time signatures, polyrhythm and modal harmony.

I also play various electric pianos (I love my Rhodes 54, Clavinet E7 and Pianet T!)

I have a Bachelor's degree in contemporary classical composition from The Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, 2008-12, and a Master's degree in jazz/improvised music from The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo.